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What are the benefits?

  • The Association produce an in-house journal. This will be delivered to your address soon after publication. 

  • Significantly reduced fees at the AOP-UK annual conference.

  • Access to a members website exclusive area & Facebook group pages to communicate with other members.

  • Be part of the association which works to uphold the education and progression of all orthopaedic practitioners.

  • Students on a recognized BCC casting course receive 1 year additional membership free when they join.

Membership Options

Please note you will need to sign up to a plan to be able to gain full access to the Members only and forum sections. You can manually choose your start date so that you can start it from when your current membership runs out. If you do not know when this runs out, please email

  • Annual Membership

    Every year
  • Best Value

    3 Year Membership

    Every 3 years
  • Overseas Membership 1 Year

    Every year
  • Overseas Membership 3 Years

    Every 3 years
  • Retired Membership

    Every year

Members Details

All information given to the Association is for the purposes of the Association and our membership records.
All data stored by the Association will not be issued or transmitted by any means to any other person, association, company or NHS Body without the express permission of the member.

Membership renewal

Delay in payment may cause you to be classed as a lapsed member.
Late payment will be accepted and validated from the date due.
Excess delay may remove your name temporarily from our register.

Associate Membership

For those who hold no casting qualification but may wish to train and take the BCC Course and Examination at a later date.

Free upgrading of membership to Certificated membership on achieving the British Casting Course Certificate.

Certificated Membership

For those who hold a valid British Casting Certificate.

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