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Re-certification has been running for several years now and is an important and vital element in pursuing our recognition for professional status and unification for all BCC holders. Regulation would benefit the profession immensely from remuneration in pay, status within the career pathways for BCC holders, and full accountability for practice. There would also be a defined entry into our profession and true professional recognition.
It is therefore essential that we have a current and up to date register.

Without you (the profession), we cannot move forward and achieve the recognition that is deserved.

It is important to remember that you cannot complete your recertification via the AOP website, so please apply for recertification through the BOA website and follow the instructions.

If you are unsure of your status please contact the database manager Natasha Wainwright by email at or by phone on 0207 406 1762.

So where are we with Regulation?

As many of you will know, for many years my predecessor in conjunction with the Association of Orthopaedic Practitioners has continued to fight for better recognition and more importantly regulation for the Orthopaedic Practitioner Qualification and the profession overall.

Today we have a voluntary register held by the BOA which we encourage all British Casting Certificate holders to be on, however this cannot be mandated by the BOA.

We know today that the role of the Orthopaedic Practitioner is one of autonomy, coupled with a complex role whereby incorrect or poor practice can lead to poor patient treatment and care, and in certain situations could lead to a public safety risk, yet today there is no formal recognition of the qualification. Today we have many Orthopaedic Practitioners working across Band 3-7, in varying roles right through to the management of multiple NHS Trust plaster rooms, yet still no national recognition.

At present that the Orthopaedic Practitioner role is one that is not regulated by statute. Presently it is the UK Government and Parliament who decide which professions will be regulated and in 2011 the Government published a Command Paper entitled ‘enabling excellence’ which encourage more voluntary registers, and as such statutory regulation will only be considered in exceptional circumstances where voluntary registers are not considered sufficient to manage the ‘risk’.

As a result of the ongoing challenges, I am working in conjunction with the BOA & the BOA Executive committee in preparing letters to go to Simon Stevens, the Chief Exec NHS England, Robert Kirkwood who is Head of the Office of the Chief Executive NHS Scotland, Andrew Goodall, who is the Chief Executive of NHS Wales, and Jennifer Welsh who is Chief Executive of the Northern Health and Social Care Trust in Northern Ireland. This letter will outline the importance of the British Casting Certificate Qualification and the Orthopaedic Practitioner Profession, and directly ask for their support in pushing for the Orthopaedic Practitioner qualification and profession to be reviewed by the HCPC. I will keep everyone updated on any progress made, which I am sure as you can appreciate is likely to be slow due to the ongoing challenges the UK continue to face.

I will continue to work with the BOA, and the Casting Sub Committee In pushing forward the qualification and gaining the rightly deserved recognition for the profession. My door is always open, and I am also very open to ideas and suggestions on how we can continue to move forward.

So please do contact me at or on 0788 411 4191.

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