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AOP Constitution (Amended May 2012)

1. Membership will be open to any person who works in the care of the Orthopaedic Patient.

2. Full members are those who hold the British Casting Certificate.

3. Associate members are those who hold no recognised casting qualification.

4. The Committee shall invite a notable person to accept the post of President to support and promote the AOP by whatever means possible. (Suggested term of office of 5 years).

5. The AOP Committee shall consist of the following structure:


Chair; Vice Chair; Secretary; Treasurer; Membership Secretary; Journal Editor; Assistant Secretary. The Committee would be the decision making body with voting rights. The committee shall serve a term of 3 years in office.

Regional Convenors:

Scotland; North West England/North Wales; Northeast England; Central England/Midlands; London/South East England; South West England/South Wales.Regional convenors shall serve a term of 2 years in office.

Administrative Members:

Administrative members of the association may be co-opted by the committee as and when the need arises. These posts may include, but are not confined to: Assistant Treasurer; Conference Liaison Officer; Webmaster.

6. Election of Committee

Nominations for Committee posts shall be sought from full AOP members. Evidence will be sought by the existing committee of commitment to the Association as well as an ability to fulfill the requirements of the role. Nominations for the posts of Chair and Vice Chair must come from existing committee members who have served a minimum of three years on the committee. The Secretary will seek nominations for Committee posts at least 3 months prior to the relevant office post expiry date and the application timescale shall last 1 month. All persons interested in the post should notify the Secretary in writing. In the event that only 1 eligible person goes forward to stand for the post they will be elected unopposed and this will be announced at the AGM. If more than 1 eligible person stands for a post then the membership shall be advised of this development at least 2 months prior to the AGM and will be invited to vote; members will advised of voting procedures as the need arises. The voting period will last 1 month and will end at least 1 month prior to the AGM. Only fully paid up members of the AOP who were fully paid up members prior to the commencement of the ballot may cast a vote. The result of ballot will be announced at the AGM. In the event of a ballot the Committee may make a recommendation of support to its members but each candidate will be permitted to write a short statement about themselves for posting on the AOP website. Ballot results will be scrutinised by the Chair, the Membership Secretary and one other independent scrutineer. In the event that no eligible candidate presents then the post will remain vacant for 1 year when the above process will apply. In the event that the votes are tied then the result will be determined by a show of hands at the AGM. In the event that the show of hands are tied then the Chair will have casting vote.

7. Appointment of regional convenors

Nominations for vacant Regional Convenor posts may be presented to the Secretary in writing at any time. Such vacant posts will be advertised on the AOP website. Candidates must be nominated and seconded by fully paid up current members of the AOP. Nominated candidates will be interviewed by the Committee at the next convenient full Committee meeting and it will be the Committee’s decision on whether to appoint. The Committee’s decision will be final and will be presented to the membership at the AGM.

8. Co-Optee To Committee.

In the event of a vacancy becoming available prior to the AGM, the committee may, if they wish, invite a member of the AOP to fill the vacant post. This is a temporary position and the member shall retire or stand for re election at the following AGM. Full voting rights within the committee are acknowledged.

9. A minimum of three Committee meetings including the AGM will be held annually. Liaison meetings with Regional Convenors will be held at least twice a year. The Secretary shall give members of the Committee at least 21 days written notice of date time and venue of meeting. The Secretary will circulate agenda minutes and relevant paperwork at that time. A quorum shall consist of 3 Committee members. The Chair will have casting vote in the event of no majority votes occurring.

10. The Committee may from time to time nominate suitable person/s to undertake specific tasks. There will be a maximum of three persons per sub committee. Any expenses incurred by any subcommittee must be agreed by the Committee Before such expense is incurred.

11. The Committee shall review and determine membership subscriptions annually.

12. Retired members may, upon the payment of a one off subscription, to be reviewed and determined by the Committee annually, become lifetime associate members with all the benefits of membership but without voting rights.

13. Members who resign from the Association should do so by giving written notice to the Secretary.

14. The Committee will have the power (by majority vote) to expel any member who in their opinion has brought the AOP into disrepute.

15. An association member who has been expelled has the right of appeal. The appeal must be lodged with the Secretary within three months of the expulsion. The decision of the Committee after hearing the appeal will be final.

16. An Annual General Meeting will be held each year during the Annual National Conference. The AGM agenda will be circulated to members prior to the meeting and will include the following items.

  • To Elect Committee Members

  • To Receive Secretary’s Report

  • To Receive Treasurers Report

  • To Receive Membership Secretary’s Report

  • To approve previous years audited accounts

  • To Appoint Auditors for the coming year

  • AOB


Members shall be given at least 56 days notice prior to the AGM. Items for inclusion in the AGM agenda should be made in writing to the Secretary at least 28 days prior to the AGM date.

17. Proposed changes to the constitution must be made in writing to the Secretary at least 3 months prior to the AGM. All constitutional changes must be passed by a majority show of hands at the AGM.

18. All monies raised by or on behalf of the AOP shall be received by the Treasurer and deposited in an approved account in the name of The Association of Orthopaedic Practitioners. The Association shall authorise the Treasurer, the Chairperson and the Secretary to authorise cheques or payments from AOP accounts. At least two signatures are required to authorise payment. The Treasurer plus the Chairperson and/or the Secretary must countersign all cheques. The Committee have the discretion to appoint a designated signatory to counter sign cheques with the agreement of the committee.The AOP Committee shall not be liable singularly or collectively for any losses incurred whilst organising events courses or study days on behalf of the AOP. The Treasurer will keep current proper accounts of all finances of the AOP and will present financial reports and accounts at each Committee meeting. Final accounts will be audited annually by external auditors and will be presented to the membership at the AGM. The Committee will have the power to authorise payment of expenses to members /Committee members in line with the Expenses Policy attached. The Committee will review the Expenses Policy annually.

19. The Secretary shall call an extraordinary or special meeting if instructed to do so by a Committee majority or on written request by no fewer than 12 fully paid up members of the AOP. The Secretary will give at least 14 days notice of the meeting to the membership.

20. The AOP may award any individual a fellowship for exceptional work done on behalf of the Association. Members may also nominate a member or colleague to receive a life fellowship by writing to the Secretary.

21. A resolution to dissolve the AOP can only be proposed at an AGM, must be supported by a ballot of ALL members and carried with a two thirds majority. The AOP would be dissolved from an agreed date set at the AGM. Members of the AOP committee shall be responsible for the winding up of the assets and liabilities of the AOP. Any assets held by or in the name of the AOP shall be suitably dispersed after decisions taken by the committee with at least two thirds of committee members present.

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